Govern Associate - Organizational

Organizational Govern Associates - $395 (USD) annually. Organizational affiliation stays with the organization as staff and board members change. Organizational affiliation allows Govern for Impact discounts for all members of your organization.

The subscription is not renewed automatically. You will receive a renewal reminder when your affiliation is about to expire.


Being an Associate of Govern for Impact is both an opportunity and a responsibility.  The programs and services offered by Govern will be available to our Associates.  Your help in joining will definitely contribute to our capacity to build credible research, learning, advocacy, and practice.  The benefits continue to include:

  • Govern Update (newsletter) and publications
  • Reduced fees for all Govern programs (conference, face-to-face forums, online forums)
  • Vote (at AGM and Special General Meetings)
  • Ownership linkage invitations/participation
  • Access to general website
  • Engagement in a wide variety of volunteer activities/teams/learning circles (hubs), etc.

We plan to continue growing these benefits as more people join and hence as our capacity grows.

Criteria to Be a Govern Associate

This category is for people and organizations who are compelled by 'governance excellence' and who both want to learn more and contribute to the field of governance.  We exist partly to serve and engage you and rely on you officially joining Govern for Impact.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $395.00
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