Governing Membership Associations

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Membership associations have a tremendous potential to
improve society. However, that potential can be forfeited by
poor governance. Is your association board mired in operational
details? Does it have time to talk about the difference you want
to make for members? Do board members leave the meeting
only to hold a parking-lot meeting to express frustrations that
nothing was accomplished? Have you considered whether
your association will remain relevant in the rapidly-changing
world of the future? Does your association change direction
every year as a new board chair is elected and wants to leave
his or her mark? Do you have new directors who aren’t sure
what their job is?
This book provides solutions. It is grounded in the Policy
Governance® model created by John Carver. How does
this system work in the real world of associations? Instead
of becoming involved in a myriad of detailed operational
issues, boards can provide proactive leadership so their
associations will thrive. They can delegate operational details
with confidence, knowing if they follow the principles of this
system, the accountability that accompanies delegation will be
in place.
Moore combines her experience of having worked within
associations, both at the senior management and board levels,
with the expertise gained in over twenty years of assisting
boards to apply the principles of Policy Governance® in the
real world. The reader will find this book full of practical advice
to apply the system to the world of association governance. 


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