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Dear Prospective Govern for Impact Affiliate,

Govern for Impact is a unique community which I am hoping you might be interested in joining. Dedicated to promoting and developing the advanced systems of governance our world so needs, we are a thoughtful and practical, yet, visionary and optimistic bunch!

If you are a practitioner, researcher or consultant, through Govern for Impact you will be sure to find many common spirits who have lots of value to share with you.

Our strategic leadership teams on Demonstrated Impact, Valued Engagement, Business Sustainability, Certification, Conference Planning, Social Media, Consultants' Forum Planning, Resource Development and Learning Events as well as our team focused on our Consistency Framework, are going from strength to strength. Our networking Hubs and Learning Circles are also growing in numbers and range of topics addressed.

If you have any questions at any time or just want to talk about Govern for Impact, what it is up to and how you can get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

karen fryday-field
Karen Fryday-Field
Govern for Impact

Affiliate Engagement

Affiliate engagement is at the heart of the development and design of Govern for Impact's strategic position which is composed of:  Valued Engagement (of our members), Demonstrated Impact (of Policy Governance and other advanced governance systems) and Business Sustainability (of Govern for Impact).    

 If you believe that having highly functioning boards is key to creating the future you want to see, you have come to the right place.  Govern for Impact is a non-profit community of practitioners, researchers and consultants acting for public benefit - promoting and developing the advanced governance systems the world so sorely needs. 

Govern for Impact's original 1999 vision of "owner-accountable productive organizations is still upheld in our board's Governance Process policies and our recently revised Ends now refer not only to reliable and trustworthy Policy Governance resources but also to "other resources that support owner-accountable governance" as well as " the ability to learn from and dialogue about other systems of, and approaches to, owner-accountable governance.

We put the needs of board members and other governance practitioners' first in all we do.  As the people who actually implement  governance systems, they are our most important immediate beneficiaries.   You will find practitioners contributing at every level of Govern for Impact. 

And don't forget the other resources we currently offer:

Request for Proposal Service

Request for Proposal Service

Through this well-used service, those who are looking for help with Policy Governance - be it introductory help, help with implementation or continuing support, can be put in touch with Govern for Impact member suppliers who meet their specified requirements.

Welcome to Govern for Impact's website.  We hope you will want to join us and look forward to hearing your suggestions as to how we can do a better job at any time.  You can write to us at:  [email protected].

Join Now

All those interested in supporting Govern for Impact's vision of owner-accountable productive organizations through Policy Governance and other advanced governance systems are invited to join us as affiliates:

Affiliate - Individual - $325 (US) Annually 
Affiliate - Organization - $425 (US) Annually (Organizational affiliateship includes 8 individuals, including the key contact within the same organization. Additional individuals over 8 may be added at the cost of $150 per person). 
Govern Fellow - $410 (US) Annually
Ambassador - Individual - $795 (US) Annually
Ambassador - Organization - $895 (US) Annually
Young Professional - $195 (US) Annually

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You are the key to help change the world through governance excellence. Our world is in good hands only when every organization we build is led with clarity of purpose, determination to lasting results, deep loyalty to fundamental values, and an unwavering dedication to the people for whose benefit it exists. This happens when there is excellence in board governance.

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Fellows are individuals that enjoy all the benefits of the Ambassador category and can use the term Governance Systems Professional (GSP). The GSP designation recognizes knowledgeable governance professionals who adhere to a code of ethics and commit to ongoing professional development.

Only those who have passed the Govern for Impact Policy Governance Proficiency (PGP) program, PGP grandfather exam, or who have attended the Policy Governance AcademySM may apply in this category.

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Why Join?

  • If you believe that boards can truly make a difference
  • If you believe that advanced governance systems such as Policy Governance® can help
  • If you want to meet with and learn from others who are on similar journeys to good governance
  • If you want access to reliable and trustworthy resources to build and sustain your board's governance capacity

Be a part of the change you want to see and join us!

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