GSP Program

GSP Fellow at GOVERN for IMPACT is a very distinguished position. We value these governance leaders and admire what they have accomplished.

Being a GSP Fellow is more than taking the Policy Governance Proficiency course and passing the exam; it is more than attending the Policy Governance Academy and passing a grandfathering exam, and it is more than continuing education credits.

GSP Fellowship is designed as a leadership position which calls for:

  • Conduct consistent with a strict professional code;
  • Continuous learning and sharing of ideas and wisdom within the broader governance excellence community';
  • Active participation in learning, sharing, advocacy and potentially research, and
  • Volunteer involvement in aspects of GOVERN for IMPACT and its purpose.
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PGP Program

The Govern for Impact Policy Governance® Proficiency (PGP) program aims to provide a high-level understanding of governance in theory, principle and practice. The curriculum draws strongly on the work of John Carver in creating the Policy Governance system and provides context through the provision of an understanding of governance concepts, principles, theories, research, and practice. The course content also draws on the work of a number of other authors in the area of governance excellence.

The PGP program leads to a certificate denoting the successful completion of an accredited program designed to provide a high standard of governance knowledge and expertise.

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Advanced Practice Webinar Program

Advanced Practice Webinars are online education and dialogue sessions designed to advance knowledge, skills, and wisdom of people dedicated to governance excellence. These webinars are open to people with advanced governance knowledge and experience including GSP Fellows, PGP grads, Carver Academy participants, governance Masters or PhD level education training, experienced governance practitioners, and consultants/coaches. An advanced level of Policy Governance® knowledge is a strong asset for those participating in these webinars.

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Annual Face 2 Face Advanced Practice Forum

This is an annual advanced level 2 day forum designed to significantly advance the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of people committed to developing governance excellence in our world. This is a forum that joins together advanced governance practitioners, governance scholars/practitioners, governance consultants/coaches, and others interested in studying and discussing governance at an advanced level.

This advanced practice forum is held on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of February each year.

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