Policy Governance Resources
  • Policy Governance® Source Document - Looking for a precise description of the 10 principles of the Policy Governance system?  This is the official document that lays out what IS and IS NOT Policy Governance and provides a summary of the 10 principles. 
  • Principles and Model Consistency Framework - The Policy Governance® Principles and Model Consistency Framework provides a system for objective review to ensure board behaviours, Policy Governance presentations and publications, and Policy Governance dialogues are model/system consistent. This is a practical tool for people to use to inform their knowledge and practice of Policy Governance.
  • Updated Principles (1, 4, 5, 6, & 7) and Model Consistency Framework (July 19, 2022)
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Policy Governance® - These FAQs provide a list of questions typically asked by Boards who are considering the use of the Policy Governance® system along with brief answers.
  • Policy Governance® Glossary - Policy Governance is associated with a number of terms that have particular meanings. This short glossary is intended as a quick-reference guide.  The terms may be varied to suit any particular Board’s choice but the meanings are critical to effective use of the model.
  • Books on Governance - This is a listing of books published from around the world regarding Governance. Authors who are affiliates of Govern for Impact are able to list their books in this section of the Govern for Impact website.
  • Govern for Impact Videos - Youtube Channel - See various videos recording Policy Governance presentations and Govern for Impact events.  
  • Policy Governance DVDs - Listing of DVDs which provide additional insight and training in Policy Governance or other Governance related matters.
  • 2021 Un-Conference Recordings