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Karen Fryday FieldKaren Fryday-Field, BScPT, MCPA, MBA, GSP
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Karen Fryday-Field has over twenty years of experience in both public and for-profit leadership and consulting, with a strong record and proven success. 

Karen is the Senior Partner of The Meridian Edge Leadership and Governance Consulting Group located in London, Ontario, Canada. Meridian Edge provides consulting services to Board and Senior Leadership Teams. Karen consults regularly with Boards of Directors to address governance effectiveness and to develop new ways to add value at the governance level. She has been a Governance Consultant and researcher since 1993 and completed the Policy Governance Academy Program in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996.

Karen achieved the position of Ivey Scholar while graduating from the Executive MBA, at the Ivey School of Business at Western University in 1998. She has served for several years in senior leadership positions at a large teaching hospital in London, Ontario as well as in several community based public and privately owned health care organizations and services. She also served as the Chief Facilitator for organizational re-engineering at Victoria Hospital in collaboration with Ernst & Young prior to the formation of the London Health Sciences Centre.

Karen completed an international benchmarking study on corporate governance best practices which included an evaluation of the unique work of the Board, communication and accountability systems within corporate governance, and the roles and relationship of the Board and Chief Officer. She has completed several other externally funded research projects and Chairs the International Policy Governance Association Demonstrated Impact (Research) Committee.

Additionally, she has written several articles and presented hundreds of workshops and seminars. Karen is committed to enabling organizations to lead and embrace change in order to accomplish their End outcomes.  


Jeremiah Dameron
GOVERN for IMPACT, Director, Affiliate Services
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Mr. Jeremiah Dameron,  serves as Director, Affiliate Services at GOVERN for IMPACT.  Jeremiah is familiar with Policy Governance and our "GOVERN" community.  He also attended our "Un-conference" in 2021.

Jeremiah is a results-driven leader and certified project manager who brings a strong emphasis on process improvement, inclusion, and collaboration to his work. He has been recognized for his exemplary group facilitation skills, problem solving techniques, and the ability to serve as a change agent. He especially enjoys convening groups with diverse interests and working with stakeholders to achieve common goals. He has over two decades of collaborative experience working with government, nonprofit, and purpose-driven organizations. He has led smaller, community-driven volunteer and stakeholder initiatives, as well as managed national pilot programs that brought together representatives from different geographies, sectors, and resources to achieve impact. Jeremiah earned his BA at Georgia State University, is a certified PMP through the Project Management Institute, earned a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace certificate from University of South Florida Muma College of Business, and earned a certificate in Collective Impact/Community Impact from the Center for Nonprofit Management (Nashville, TN). As a volunteer and advocate, Jeremiah was recognized by Connect media in 2021 for his community engagement efforts supporting and representing the LGBTQ+ community in Middle Tennessee. Jeremiah loves hearing and sharing good stories. If you have one to tell, he’s all ears!


Mark Milton
GOVERN for IMPACT, Director, Accounting
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Mr. Mark Milton, serves as Director, Accounting at GOVERN for IMPACT.  Mark is an experienced bookkeeper and certified tax consultant.  He has more than 25 years of accounting experience. Mark is a meticulous bookkeeper and we are very pleased to welcome him to this contract position. 

Mr. Milton is familiar with GOVERN for IMPACT because he is married to Carol Milton, Executive and Research Coordinator at Meridian Edge Leadership & Governance Consulting.  Carol is heavily involved in supporting GOVERN administratively.

Mark will be responsible for GOVERN's financial reporting, accounting records, budgeting, and accounts payable and receivable.



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Karen Fryday-Field 

  • Demonstrated Impact Team Leader
  • Leadership Team Leader
  • Strategic Advisory Group Leader

Richard Stringham

Consistency Team Leader

Rose Mercier

Professional Education Committee Team Leader

Kathy Wiener

Resource Development and Fundraising Team Leader

Tom Keyse

Annual Program Conference

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John Bohley

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Karen Fryday-Field 


Kathy Wiener

Strategy Director and 2nd in charge

Huilan Krenn

Advanced Practice Forum (F2F)

Program Director

Rose Mercier

PGP Director