Governance Systems Professional (GSP)

What It Means To Be A Governance System Professional GSP Fellow At Govern For Impact

GSP Fellow at GOVERN for IMPACT is a very distinguished position. We value these governance leaders and admire what they have accomplished.

Being a GSP Fellow is more than taking the Policy Governance Proficiency course and passing the exam; it is more than attending the Policy Governance Academy and passing an exam, and it is more than continuing education credits.

GSP Fellowship is designed as a leadership position which calls for:

  • Conduct consistent with a strict professional code;
  • Continuous learning and sharing of ideas and wisdom within the broader governance excellence community;
  • Active participation in learning, sharing, advocacy and potentially research, and
  • Volunteer involvement in aspects of GOVERN for IMPACT and its purpose.

It is not just a position but a commitment to the purpose of GOVERN for IMPACT and active involvement in pursuing this purpose. We invite everyone interested in governance excellence to consider becoming a GOVERN for IMPACT GSP Fellow.

For more information, contact:

Rose Mercier
PGP Director

Karen Fryday-Field

Are You Eligible To Use The Governance Systems Professional GSP Designation

Govern for Impact is now offering the pathway to achieve the designation of Governance Systems Professional (GSP Fellow). This important designation recognizes knowledgeable governance professionals who have undertaken specific education and who have demonstrated a high level of learning in Policy Governance, the GSP Fellows adhere to a code of ethics and commit to ongoing professional development. You use the designation as letters after your name and in descriptions about yourself.

To be eligible you need to have passed the Policy Governance Proficiency (PGP) program or be a Policy Governance Academy participant, agree to a GSP Code of Ethics, and to ongoing professional development. This designation is renewed every three years. Academy participants will need to complete the PGP exam.

To be a GSP affiliate you join Govern for Impact in the Fellow category. Part of this designation involves both continuing to develop your expertise as a GSP Fellow and continuing your time and talent as a Fellow to the work and community at Govern for Impact. The network of advanced practice is committed to developing governance excellence in the world.

If you are not a current Govern for Impact Affiliate you can simply sign up as a Govern Fellow, Governance Systems Professional.
If you are already a Govern for Impact Affiliate, you can apply for the Govern Fellow, Governance Systems Professional.

GSP Designation Application for Affiliates
To date there are over 40 professionals that are registered as being Govern for Impact GSP designated.  If you qualify, you can too!