Govern For Impact Journal Advertising Policy

Govern For Impact Journal Advertising Policy


To establish the policy parameters for advertising in the GOVERN for IMPACT Journal, including pricing.



GOVERN for IMPACT encourages a limited amount of advertising in its journal under the following conditions:

  • The advertising content and organization must not be in conflict with GOVERN for IMPACT’s values.
  • The matters being advertised must be relevant to being published in a professional journal.
  • GOVERN will not accept advertisements from organizations that purport to or imply they are advertising Policy GovernanceÒ related material that is not consistent with the Policy Governance system as defined and interpreted by publications of GOVERN for IMPACT’s Policy Governance Consistency Framework team, as needed.
  • GOVERN will also exclude advertisements from organizations that are deemed imprudent or unethical or which promote products or services that are contrary to the GOVERN for IMPACT Ends as determined by the CEO.
  • The matters being advertised cannot compete with GOVERN for IMPACT or its products and services.


GOVERN will offer advertising on the virtual inside cover, the virtual back cover, and on inside pages of the journal.





All advertising must be submitted, to the GOVERN CEO email address provided, 15 days prior to the relevant journal publication date.


The advertising organization will receive feedback within 7 days as to whether the advertising is accepted and as to whether any amendments are required to meet GOVERN’s advertising criteria as above.


At present there will be three journals per year (fall, winter, and spring).






The following is the journal advertising pricing structure.


PDF Format (using required specs)

  • Quarter page = $350 x 1 publication
  • Half page = $650 x 1 publication
  • Full page mid-magazine = $950 x 1 publication
  • Virtual inside front cover = $1200
  • Virtual back cover = $1100



Dynamic Format

Top banner 728 x 90 pixels) = $500 x 1 publication



Volume discounts will be available upon request, i.e. reduced cost for a commitment of multiple ads over time.


Circulation in the first year is estimate to be a minimum of 4000 people connected to GOVERN for IMPACT ‘s social media.


Requirements for Format for Submission


Preferred Document Format
Adobe Acrobat PDF


Acceptable Document Formats / Applications
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


Only postscript and open type fonts accepted. True Type will not be accepted.





Pictures and Logos

All pictures – color and black and white – and any black-and-white logos should be sent at 300 DPI, and close to 100% of the size you require. All line art (art that has a solid edge and no shades of any color or gray), should be sent at 600 DPI, close to 100% of the print size you require. Pictures or logos for use in online ads are acceptable at lower resolutions – 75 dpi at close to 100% of the size required.


Printing Specifications
Final reproduction quality is contingent upon sharpness of materials furnished by the advertising organization. 


Acceptable Digital Static Ad Formats
File type: either JPEGs or GIFs

  • File weight: up to 80k maximum
  • Hyperlink to single absolute URL must be provided

Acceptable Digital Animated Ad Formats

Animated GIFs: 

  • File weight: up to 80k maximum
  • Hyperlink to single absolute URL must be provided
  • Animation: up to 10 seconds. Can include multiple loops up to a total of 30 seconds (e.g., 10 seconds of animation x three loops).


Note: Some email platforms do not support animation and instead display only an ad’s first frame. Please ensure your first frame contains sufficient information to convey your ad’s main message.

HTML 5: Websites only
Initial file weight: up to 75k maximum

Total file weight: up to 200k

A supplied .zip file must include all referenced code such as Javascript libraries. Once the .zip file is uncompressed, the ad (an .html file) must be viewable without a network connection (all code and assets used in the ad is contained in the .zip file)

Flash files not accepted