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GOVERN Update - September 2021
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September 2021, Vol. 4

GOVERN for IMPACT - The "Why" Behind "Our What"
by Karen Fryday-Field, GOVERN CEO

First off, this title begs the question: What is our ‘what’ at GOVERN for IMPACT? "What" we are trying to achieve is “excellence in board governance” so that organizations can achieve more good on behalf of their owners within ethical and prudent boundaries... a systems approach. This is what the people of GOVERN for IMPACT intend to achieve in the world, and with the world. Our philosophy is grounded in a set of integrated principles that inform the practice of governing to foster greater results and stronger accountability. We are particularly inspired by the theoretical framework of Policy Governance (PG), its insightful constructs, its systems nature, and the transformative experiences of those boards applying it.

We will engage in research, programs, education, and advocacy that expand the capacity of boards of organizations of all types and empower them to govern with confidence, consistency, clarity, and integrity. Our work will contribute to, and emanate from, a growing community of advanced-governance thinkers, practitioners, and researchers. It will evolve in collaboration with an ever-growing network of partnering organizations that share our values and vision of a well-governed world.  This will be achieved by supporting Board by Board. 

GOVERN's "What"

The “why” behind our “what” is equally compelling!  Governance in its many forms and levels around the world, when practiced well with integrity builds stronger businesses, more impactful organizations, and healthier communities and countries.  When not practiced well, governance can lead to destruction, corruption, territorialism, exclusion, and racism to name only a few examples.  Inherent in governance is strong power which can be used to improve business, organizations, and communities…… or it can be used inappropriately, irresponsibly, or harmfully.

The “why” behind our “what” then is to build a better world using excellent governance systems, based on key principles.  If we don't do this, how can we expect others to do so? If governance has such potential for the power of positive, fundamental, long-lasting change, then why are we not maximizing this critical resource in society?

UN SDGWhen we examine our world challenges and the big needs right in our own cities and neighbourhoods, around our corners are hunger, poverty, sickness, hate, lack of equity, discrimination, unethical or unsuccessful business, lack of education and learning, unnecessary war, famine, homelessness, environmental pollution, shortage of clean water…. and so on.  The people at GOVERN for IMPACT believe that these results are simply not good enough… and further that governance practiced with excellence can significantly change the world for the better.  This is the ‘why’ behind our ‘what’.  Make no mistake this is not just do-gooder talk.  It is happening. This is about effective decision-making and accountability by board after board across our world and yes in your organization also.

If you would like to be on this learning journey with a group of dedicated professionals committed to governance excellence, please join us.  Your voice is welcome! There are so many ways you can get involved in learning, research, advocacy, and leadership.  Call me and I will be thrilled to facilitate connecting you into support and opportunities related to your interests (my cell 519-671-2510 Canada - country code 001) or check out our refreshed website.

I look forward to connecting and also to your increasing involvement.

 Karen Fryday-Field

Karen Fryday-Field, BScPT., MCPA, MBA, GSP


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