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 Subject : Policy Governance in Government: Opportunities and Challenges.. 12/18/2022 03:16:17 PM 
Matthew G Carpenter
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Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
This section is intended for more existential discussions about the challenges, opportunities, and viability of Policy Governance in the public sector.

How can Policy Governance remain viable when confronted with competing interests and the concept of winners and losers? How can democracy deliver long-term solutions when voters demand immediate satisfaction? Can we escape the grip of tradition? How can we balance collective benefits with individual liberties?

We introduce these discussions with three resources:
1. John Carver’s most relevant article,
2. A public employee’s reflections on Carver’s article, and
3. A counterpoint from Governing.org.
All three are attached to this post.

 Subject : Re:Policy Governance in Government: Opportunities and Challenges.. 09/25/2023 02:42:29 PM 
Karen Fryday-Field
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Watch experienced governance practitioners and experts from the education, municipal agencies, and credit union/banking sectors share how their Board is managing real governance challenges. Challenges and what is working will be shared related to:
- ownership/broader community linkage/engagement
- building future-focused, relevant, impactful ownership-informed critical outcomes (Ends), and
- Executive Leader (CEO) development and evaluation

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