I serve on a board of directors. Most people think that Boards of Directors are only part of big corporations.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of Boards, and hundreds of thousands of Directors like me who govern civic institutions, our children’s schools, credit unions, for profit businesses and non-profits that directly touch our lives.

Generally, I find the Directors who serve on boards are people of knowledge and goodwill, with business management skills – for personal reasons; they care deeply about the organization’s mission and goals.

BUT – and here is the PROBLEM – Boards are about Corporate Governance not Business Management.

Governance is about the big picture - ENDS, Management about operational - MEANS. I have found that without framework and training, Directors often focus on the present and management's - MEANS, at the expense of the future and organizational - ENDS (Governance). Directors are human – it is what we know.  My board uses a corporate governance framework called Policy Governance®. It helps us solve the Governance/Management problem in two ways:

  1. It clearly establishes the relationships and boundaries between the Board, the CEO, the Staff, the Owners and the Stakeholders – AND
  2. Getting #1 right, demands the Board focus its talents and efforts on the ENDS, the direction and the expected results of the organization.

Policy Governance® is a Trademarked idea that has been practiced for over 20 years, in countries across the globe. Good governance has profound leverage; it leads to communities with great businesses, colleges, hospitals, and institutions that add to the richness of our civic and cultural lives.

Of course there is more to it – I’d love to chat more if you are interested.